We’re building a superfast wireless broadband network across Somerset. 

From £10 per month

Superfast Broadband without the Landline!

That’s right, you’ve heard correctly, we are building a brand new broadband network across Somerset, that’s capable of unlimited usage at superfast speeds. We’re designing our network to provide a economy service for the highest value for money alongside a premium service for the fastest possible speeds we can provide. 

We provide business grade broadband with network security, service level agreement and bespoke additions. Whether you need the best value, dedicated 1:1 or symmetrical bandwidth, our team can provide you with a free, no obligation quotation. 

Every account includes an online secure portal with access to support and billing, real-time service status, freephone helpdesk and access to our professional engineers. Click here to discover more. 

Our Coverage Checker

The first step is checking our coverage area, please enter your postcode below and click anywhere to start the availability checker. We’ll have a result instantly but will need a free pre-installation survey. 

Our Network

When we started building our network in 2017, we placed our access points on the roofs of pubs, farm buildings and private properties delivering up to 50Mbps broadband. We are expanding our network across new areas of Somerset by renting space on existing masts, acquiring new masts and erecting our own wooden poles.

We currently provide up to 50, 100 and 300Mbps download speeds with bespoke business solutions available. We’re currently trialing new 900Mbps and 1.2Gbps technology. Please click here to discover more about our network.


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