Fixed Wireless Broadband


We’ve refreshed our website with a better layout, we hope this one will be easier to navigate. It’s all setup and ready for our new products we’re trialing as we speak. It’s got a better map with all the places we’re deploying into and we hope, the new comments under our blog posts will create some worthwhile discussions about the internet and what role it plays.

We’re committed on provided the finest broadband experience and we’re growing daily. We’ve setup WestNetworks Innovations Limited to continue to grow into our marketplace, providing broadband and IP networks to homes, businesses and local authorities.

WestWiFi will continue to be our retail brand, with no changes to payments or support. Our founder, Hailie Limited will continue to process payments via the usual method. The only change will be the scale of our deployments.

We’ll have no special offers or black monday sales due to our already low pricing. Please see our Facebook and Twitter pages for social interactions.