300 Mbps Deployments

Fixed Wireless Broadband

300 Mbps Deployments

Our Premium + plan has been trialed from our Rowbarton location in Taunton with great results. Beating the distance limitations for G.Fast, our next generation product has the ability to provide more than enough bandwidth for the busiest homes and workplaces.

Distance G.Fast Broadband WestWiFi Premium+
<100 m 330 Mbps 300Mbps
100 m 300 Mbps 300Mbps
200 m 250 Mbps 300Mbps
300 m 150 Mbps 300Mbps
500 m 100 Mbps 300Mbps
1 Km N/A 300 Mbps
1 Km – 5Km N/A 250 Mbps

We’re now setting up trials in Bridgwater then the rest of our network. Pricing will be £150 per install and £50 per month thereafter, an 18 month contract applies. Please click here for more information.