Oake Update

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Oake Update

We’ve been working in and around Taunton over the last few weeks with multiple trial links performed. Our initial trials shown we could establish a link albeit a weak one due to background noise over Taunton.

As you may know, We’re connecting Oake via Ash Priors & Blackmoor with our PoP in Taunton. This is due to the lack of high-bandwidth connectivity in the local area. This also means there will be 3x backhaul links, thus tripling the difficulty.

We took this back to the drawing board and purchased some higher precision dishes in order to cut through the interference. We re-trialed these links and found the same problem. During additional surveying, we’ve found a third-party antenna nearby broadcasting in excess of the legal permitted power allowances, which have been reported to Ofcom.

Our work will continue to find a frequency with enough clear space to facilitate a stable and reliable connection. We are also looking for additional sites for relay stations, halving the distances involved and making the current problem, less of a burden.

We hope to have an update by the end of March 2020.