SWWISP Takeover

We are pleased to announce, as of this morning, we have acquired the SWWISP network covering West Sedgemoor. This network was setup around 2011 with 10 points of presence and over 50 customers. Over the past 12 month’s we’ve been working with SWWISP on a network maintenance contract and when the option to acquire was offered due to retirement, we couldn’t let the network down.

There will be no changes in the immediate future with an on-going provision of broadband via the existing network suppliers. We will be assessing the network in full over the next few months and discussing upgrade options with landowners. The only thing changing is the billing and support channels, which every customer will be written to to confirm changes.

This acquisition enhances our coverage and provide our network a further 10 points of presence to connect customers from. The upgrades will require time and funds and will be scheduled over the summer and into the autumn. We won’t be offering new connections in this area during this time.