Smart Home Phone

Maybe not the best time to launch a new service, we are however confident connecting people across the globe whilst we’re all on lock down is important and doing it at the best value. We’re officially launching our smart home phone service with pricing from £20 for a feature packed home service that will beat any landline based service with all the best features like bundled minutes to landline and mobiles in 5 international destinations. Great value calls elsewhere and useful apps to make calls anywhere and take your calls with you.

We can even redirect calls to your mobile phone number when the internet is off or your away from home meaning you never miss an important call. We’ll provide a powerful control panel and voicemail controls which emails you a .wav file. Fully customisable and fully supported so you wont be far from help.

The mobile app also allows you to make and receive calls from any internet connections, change settings and listen back to voicemail. If you have more than phone, we can supply additional adapters to connect all the home phones. We can also supply new corded and cordless phones, multiple lines and freephone numbers.

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