Covid Update

First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued patience. During the uncertain lockdown, our usual method to deploy our network were severely hampered with many sites shutdown due to Government legislation. This is because we typically deploy on retail and residential properties and both being out of bounds, we had to rethink our strategy. 

Both the way we install at customers premises and deploy our network in the local area needed to change, fast. We invested in a number of self-install kits so customers can safely install suction cups to the inside of a upstairs window to mount a small dish, not ideal but in some instances, provided a much needed uplift in broadband speeds. 

On a deployment level, any current work was delayed and any future work had our hands tied with massive local authority planning & street work fees, virtually ceasing all our new deployments. We applied for Ofcom Code Powers to enable us to deploy our network near the public highway to ensure we’re able to continue connecting customers in need of a faster connection. We expect to have the decision imminently.

If the lockdown taught us anything, its the greater need for faster broadband. We have been inundated with requested for help and we’re trying our best to develop plans to support everyone in need. The way we provide broadband is evolving and we’re still committed in targeting the areas where its needed the most. Home working has become the new normal, a task that’s not practical on slow broadband connections. 

More news to follow shortly