Ashcott, Street & Glastonbury

We’re pleased to announce our Ashcott point of presence is now online and work is continuing to connect the local area. This news comes with the gigabit fibre optic being installed with a successful handover.  We were expecting this to be installed within 3 months however almost 9 months later due to lock down restrictions, we’re finally nearing completion with the final run of work being done next week.

This site will provide the surrounding area with upto 300Mbps broadband and has the potential for future growth with availability of multiple 10Gbps backhaul connections. We’re installing in phases with the first fixed wireless sector being energised next week and trials in and around the surrounding area commencing. We expect ordering to go live on the 1st of October 2020. 

The second sector will point towards Meare & towards Cheddar and should be available by the end of October 2020 with the potential of FTTP to fill in any shadows in coverage being installed throughout the winter. 

We’re pleased things are now progressing and we’ll be getting homes and businesses the broadband they need. for more information, please email or call 01278 589 392.