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  • Code Powers

    We are pleased to announce, we’ve been granted power under section 106(3) of the Communications Act 2003 to apply the electronic communications code to our network expansion. This will enable faster deployments that can operate throughout the tightest of lockdowns to facilitate better broadband services and faster fault resolution. We have discovered throughout the lockdown, the ability to deploy new sites have been adversely affected and efforts to resolve issues made harder.

Current Status
In Build 70%

More Demand Needed | In Build | Ready

In-Build means our engineers are working to install your new broadband network. This can involve working with third party contractors to connect mains power and arrange traffic management. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some aspects might get delayed slightly. We’re working as fast as we can to get work completed and connections established.


How to secure your place
We have opened pre-ordering to secure your slot. Pre-pay for your standard installation now and get one of the first installation slots when its ready to order. If for any reason, its taking too long, you’ve found an alternative or upon installations the speeds were lower than expected, we’ll provide a full refund without obligation. 

The new WestWiFi service will provide superfast, unlimited broadband for just £10 per month without the need for a landline.

Standard installation includes the rooftop dish, 8m of cabling, WiFi router and professional, fully insured installation. 

Terms & Conditions 
Subject to availability, pre-order payments are fully refundable until point of installation. We will make at least quarterly updates by email to keep you informed and you are able to request a refund at any time before installation. Upon installation you have the right to refuse the service if its not as expected or estimated. As soon as it’s installed, the payment is non-refundable and the minimum term contract applies. There is a 14 day cooling off period and these terms do not affect your rights. 

Pre-payment will help pay for the equipment needed to connect your location, labour and mileage. Further fees may apply if it requires more time or materials to install. We charge £2 per meter of cabling over the 8 meters given within the standard installation. If signal strengths are low, we maybe able to offer for an additional fee an upgraded ISO dish which can perform better in harsher environments.