New location acquired

We are pleased to have acquired a long-term lease on a disused telecoms mast in Adsborough. This requires some work to recommission and start providing superfast broadband to the local area. This mast is 13.5m high and of a timber mono-pole design designed and installed by Hutchinson3G(Three) and is very weathered, blending into the surrounding […]

Taunton Deployments

We now have 300Mbps available at 3 locations around Taunton providing homes and businesses access to great value broadband. These locations are classed as small cells, which can provide around 1000 meters of covers, further then this, speeds will drop off and interference from other radio devices can also cause issues. We’re slowly covering the […]

Babcary Review

We welcome the news a rival fixed wireless operator has deployed their network in Babcary serving the majority of the area. This has caused our demand list to shrink and thus making it less viable for us to deliver superfast broadband. Initial reports suggest some areas are still not covered and unfortunately, due to the […]

Babcary Deployment

We are pleased to announce enough demand in the Babcary area to start our deployment. Connectivity in this area is poor and we’re looking for locations to house our apparatus to deliver superfast speeds to Babcary and the surrounding area. Initial surveys shows a few areas of interest with Openreach infrastructure nearby that we can […]

Oake Deployment

We have identified a location for our apparatus which can connect to the Openreach network. This will require some work to secure to location and arrange planning permission. This will provide a superfast option with the current demand threshold however if we are able to expand this network, full ultrafast speeds will be available.

Watchet Expansion

Our current deployment which serves Watchet town center and the marina is near capacity and will have another EoFTTC line connection to allow new connections. We are aware this is not ideal however the cost of gigabit fibre is still unviable for the scale of this deployment. This means we need more demand to bring […]