Adsborough Planning

We have submitted a Planning Notification under the Electronic Communications Code to recommission a disused mobile mast near the M5 motorway to cover the local area with a superfast broadband option. This gives us a month to plan the build while we await the decision. We hope to have new connections going live before Christmas. […]

New Store

Our suppliers have provided their latest trade pricing and due to our volume discounting on wireless and network equipment, we can

New Sites Pages

We’ve added a new sites area to our website giving you up to date information about our planned deployments. We’ve been hard at work training new team members and changing the way we deploy our network. We might have been quiet recently however things are starting to pick up pace, keep updated by clicking here.

Updated Terms and Conditions

We’ve added some terms and conditions to fund out of support related charges, These included items such out of warranty replacements and no-fault found support fees. We have highlighted the changes we’ve made below. All customers confirm acceptance via acknowledgement during ordering. These terms and conditions are effective as of 07/11/2020. Other formats available. All […]

Changelog Added

We’ve added a change log to keep you updated on new additions to our website and billing portal. We’ll post a post here as soon as we’ve released an update, amended, removed or added anything.

COVID-19 Update

According to the local council, West Somerset’s COVID19 infection rate is currently one of the highest in the county and we must ALL help stop the spread. Don’t take the chance, if your feeling unwell even if the symptoms are mild, get isolated and get tested. Close contacts and household members will also need to […]

Code Powers

We are pleased to announce, we’ve been granted power under section 106(3) of the Communications Act 2003 to apply the electronic communications code to our network expansion. This will enable faster deployments that can operate throughout the tightest of lockdowns to facilitate better broadband services and faster fault resolution. We have discovered throughout the lockdown, […]

Mast Work Required

We have been performing surveys of the planned connections and have determined some of them would need a higher access point to clear obstructions to benefit from better speed estimates and as such, the current design would not be viable to increase the height. We’re re-engineering this to accommodate as many connections as possible, while […]

Covid Update

First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued patience. During the uncertain lockdown, our usual method to deploy our network were severely hampered with many sites shutdown due to Government legislation. This is because we typically deploy on retail and residential properties and both being out of bounds, we had to rethink […]

Further work at Adsborough

Trials at Adsborough have determined the wireless backhaul capacity to a point of presence we’re building in Ashcott wouldn’t be sufficient for our projected growth and a full fibre connection to the mast is required. This will involve roadworks to install 120m of ducting and fibre cabling to be laid over the next few months. […]