We’re building a wireless broadband network across Somerset to connect homes and businesses without the need for a landline. No more long-tine issues, slow speeds or endless buffering – Just superfast broadband access.

We provide everything needed to surf at superfast speeds with unlimited usage and a wireless router included for whole office coverage. We also provide optional extras like phone, TV and security solutions with freephone helpline and local engineers for when you need us. 

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  • up to 50 Mbps Download Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 48.9 Mbps)
  • up to 10Mbps Upload Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 9.8 Mbps)
  • Unlimited Usage
    (All day – All Night – All Week)

£20 a month


  • up to 100Mbps Download Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 95.8 Mbps)
  • up to 20Mbps Upload Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 19.7 Mbps)
  • Unlimited Usage
    (All day – All Night – All Week)

£40 a month


  • up to 300Mbps Download Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 275.2 Mbps)
  • up to 30Mbps Upload Speed
    (Typical peak time speeds 29.7 Mbps)
  • Unlimited Usage
    (All day – All Night – All Week)

£100 a month

What’s included?


Value & Premium – From £199 one off fee
Standard installation includes
– EdgeRouter X – Three Gigabit Ethernet Ports
– Rooftop Aerial, Bracket & 50 meters of cabling, professionally installed.

Premium+ – From £399 one off fee
Premium+ installation includes
– EdgeRouter 10X – Nine Gigabit Ethernet Ports
– Pro Rooftop Aerial, Bracket & 50 meters of cabling, professionally installed. 

Upon ordering, we will perform a pre-installation survey to determine likely speeds and we request an suitable date to visit, survey and install. We’ll setup a test link to determine actual speeds and if your happy, we’ll install the service and commence the minimum term contract.  If your not happy with the speeds and you do not want to continue with the installation, any money paid will be returned to you in full. We can re-survey and establish upgrades needed within your local network. 

Not Just Broadband

Available Addons

If your cutting your copper landline, you’ll need the rest of your ‘traditional’ services like your phone taken care of too. We can port your existing number over and provide adaptors to convert your existing phone into an internet phone. Each addon carries an 18 month contract separate from the broadband contract. 

WorkPhone+ Premium phone service with 2000 minutes to UK Landlines & Mobile, Voicemail and redirect to mobile if unavailable or away from home. Control Panel & Mobile app included.
£55 Setup fee + £30 a month

Important Information – Minimum Term Contract

A minimum term contract of 18 months is required. This commitment from our customers is equal to the amount of investment we’ve spent in order to build and operate your new network. We are unlikely to break even until the 18th month after deployment so instead of raising our monthly pricing or doubling our installation fees – we can’t make it any fairer than that.

This does mean if your contract is cancelled during the minimum term, a early termination fee may be applicable. This is typically equal to the remaining service fee until the contract has expired. 

How to cancel or migrate away?

If the event your not happy or your found a cheaper supplier, we won’t hold you hostage and your able to leave at anytime. Because we don’t use landlines, there’s no migration process, you simply need to cancel with us and make a new order with the new supplier. We’ll book you in to remove the aerial and any trace of WestWiFi. 

Upon Installation
If we are unable to provide the expected service, your order will be refunded.

Termination before 18 months
Early termination fee applies equal to remaining monthly fee

Termination after 18 months

Small Print
An 18 month contract applies and an early termination fee is applicable to any cancellations within this time frame. You are able to leave at any time and for free of charge if we raise our pricing, for any reason the contract is void or when the minimum term surpasses. An early termination fee is equal to the remaining service fee left on the minimum term contract. This is due to the levels of investment we made in order to connect you to our systems. For full terms and conditions, please click here