Fixed Wireless Broadband

Better Broadband for Better Business

Designed for performance
Diverse Network Connections
By using multiple upstream suppliers (where available) we’re able to mitigate carrier-specific outages, maximising the quality of your connection. 

Built with the latest technology
On the curve of innovation
We use advanced MIMO (Multi-in/Multi-Out) antenna, TDM (Time-division multiplexing) & Small Cell Deployments to deliver the latest speeds.

Loyal & Local Engineers
Always on hand to help and support you
Our small, yet experienced team can assist you diagnosing and resolving any issue that may arise, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional Installation
Our trained and insured team will install to a very high standard.
Just because we provide great value, doesn’t mean we’re low quality, in fact, our quality is what sets us apart. 

Levels of Protection
From essential protection through to maximum security.  
We can provide consultation, installation and management of your network security solution.

Fail-Over Connections
Multiple Technology Internet Access
We can bond together multiple delivery technologies, giving your business the very best protection from an outage. 

Value Business

Just £20 per month

Premium Business

Just £40 per month

Pro Business

Just £80 per month

50Mbps Symmetrical Speeds 
20:1 Contention
Unlimited Usage
100 Mbps Symmetrical Speeds 
20:1 Contention
Unlimited Usage
300Mbps Symmetrical Speeds 
20:1 Contention
Unlimited Usage

£175 Per Month 
Rooftop Dish and Bracket
Upto 50 metres of Ethernet cabling
5 Port Gigabit EdgeRouter

Small Print
Subject to availability, fraud check and credit control. Speeds may be less than advertised due to a number of reasons, during installation, the engineer will estimate likely speeds. You have 14 days after ordering to cancel your subscription, penalty-free. Customers must be 18 years of age and must be the homeowner or have the landlords permission. Full terms available here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you live or work in Highbridge, Bridgwater, Taunton or Watchet, it’s likely your within our coverage area. If not, we’re growing every day, driven by our customer demand – Click here to pre-register.

No, We use radio signals rather than wires. This means it’s cheaper, faster and easier to set up and we’re able to provide better than copper speeds. We install a rooftop aerial just like satellite TV, just a lot smaller. 

We can typically install your new broadband connection within just a number of days if you live or work inside our coverage area. 

This depends on your requirements, typically our customers see between 20 – 80 Mbps download with 20 – 30 Mbps upload speeds. Speeds up to 300 Mbps may be available on request, where available.

Yes, typically £175 + VAT for a standard installation, Premium & Dedicated plans will cost slightly more, depending on the installation criteria. Security solutions are optional and costs start at £150 for an entry-level firewall. Please get in touch for detailed pricing.