Call Centre

If you have 2 or more people answering your business phone, you may want some serious analytics and somewhere to securely monitor and manage it all from – look no further. Our call centre solution has everything required from inbound queues, Interactive voice menus and a wide range of features to monitor and manage your call handling ‘agents’.  

Just £14 per agent per month

2 Agent minimum – 12 month minimum term contract – No setup fee

We’ll supply a secure portal where you can manage your whole cloud PBX system. We’ll provide as many 01, 02, 03 or 0800 phone numbers as you need and we’ll even provide call recording, voicemail and mobile app. 

All you need is a VoIP handset or headset (which we can supply if needed) and an internet connection (which we can also supply if needed). It’ll work anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Monitoring your PBX
From the secure portal, you’ll be able to see insights on current calls. You’ll be able the manage your agents, queues and functions from here, as well as call reports to assist with KPI tracking. 

Depending on situational reasons, you’ll be able to change on-hold music, announcements and redirect calls an externally if required. 

There is so much more this portal has to offer, We would love to discuss your business and its requirements, Please get in touch if you would like a introduction, tour or to get the ball rolling. 

Wallboard – activeWALL 
Suitable for any call centre setup, simply join a wall mounted TV to the supervisors machine and log into the wallboard. It’s fully customisable, giving you a real-time insight into active, waiting and abandoned calls along with average wait times and longest wait times. Instant view into how many agents are online, idle or busy and how the calls are routing to queues or voicemails. 

You can create your own colour styles, types of graphs from pure data through to gauges and line graphs. Display full information over callers, agents and KPI information. 

Design your own, maximising highly important warnings like abandoned calls or replace data feeds that are not needed, such as calls to voicemail if voicemail isn’t used. 

That’s just the tip of the ice berg, our call centre portal is highly resourceful and highly customisable.