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The first step is checking our coverage area, please enter your postcode below and click anywhere to start the availability checker.

Good News?
If we’re available in your area, you will be able to order and book an appointment for a survey and installation. 

Not Available?
We’re working as fast as we can to expand our network, focusing our efforts on the WestWiFi My Street demand data. 

The Map is Back

By popular demand, we are pleased to announce, the map is back! It’s computer generated and represents potential signal coverage for our current and proposed masts. It doesn’t however taken into account tree’s, buildings and obstructions and should be treated as an estimate. For guidance only. Please enter your postcode. 

Please note
This map is computer generated and shows the likely coverage area from our current and proposed network. This does not take into account trees, obstructions or neighbouring properties, this means not all green areas will be covered – This map should be used for guidance only! 

If you unsure, not in a green area or cannot locate your address – Please contact us by clicking here.