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Potentially yes, we’re building our network on a self funded project that has seen a number of areas go live. Watchet, Taunton, Highbridge and soon Ashcott with many more on the way. Recently, we’ve been granted additional powers to deploy our network and further funding is now being sought. 

Please click here to visit our coverage checker to discover more information and to register your details. 

We use a technology called fixed wireless access or FWA for short. It uses very low powered 5Ghz radio technology you would usually find within the home and public space already.

The only difference with ours is the choice of antenna and the technology used to encode, decode, manage and filter the radio signals. This can replace miles of copper or fibre cabling in the last mile delivery network with a straight line radio link.

Yes, we design and build our network around you so it performs as well as a cabled alternative. Our secret sauce is that we over-engineer our wireless connections that in the event of bad weather or intermittent interference, the service specifications and quality do not fall below what would be expected. If we sold the full capacity like most competitors, you may notice the fluctuations throughout the day. 

We typically find a suitable location with good line of sight to many rooftops. We’ve then check planning, proximity to power and connectivity and if it passes the first hurdles, we’ll start the process of network build and deployment. 

Once this is done, we’ll book appointments with customers, provide an estimated speed test and get rooftop dishes installed if successful. These will be connected via a single cable to a wifi hub inside, providing full home coverage. 

We’ll help you setup your devices and make the most from our service. Our engineers (WestNetwork Innovations) are fully trained and covered by £5 million pounds of public liability and £10 million employer liability cover. 

We accept Bank Transfer, Direct Debit (via GoCardless) and Debit/Credit Cards (via Stripe). There’s no payment fees and we’ll collect the money 14 days after the invoice is raised. 

Unfortunately, no. As we’re using a new technology that other provides haven’t taken up, which means we are unable to migrate customers over. 

You may want to check out West-Wire our sister brand who can provide Openreach based broadband and phone services, which can be migrated from another provider. 

When WestWiFi is available, you’ll be switched across automatically if desired. Our better than migration service.

Yes, we will need to apply for planning permission and perform extra due diligence (surveying, camouflaging and using the most discrete equipment). 

Ultimate yes, its a proven facts faster broadband availability can increase your house price. At what value will be determined by the area and market conditions. 

Yes, we typically see under <20ms latency providing a great gaming network. We treat gaming and voip traffic with the highest priority beating peak time slowdowns. 

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