Pre Sales

No, our services are delivered through the air using a roof top aerial with no landline being required. 

No, we’ll provide a Aircube router providing 2 available ethernet ports and 2.4Ghz wireless. Additional routers can be added for more port capacity. 

Typically, theres are the same size as a smartphone but can range up to 300-400mm dishes where required. Not much difference compared to a satellite TV dish. 

In short yes, that is why we over budget connection capacity. This means if we sell a 100Mbps connection, we’ll ensure the connection can handle 30Mbps more therefore during harsh weather like fog or snow, speeds shouldn’t dip below the expected speed.

Nothing, free of charge after the minimum term contract period has been satisfied. This is typically 18 months but will be mentioned and agreed to during signup. During this time, the exit fee will be equal to the months remaining. This is due to the cost of deploying our network to you. 


We share the frequently asked questions we receive and write up detailed answers so you can find help and solve problems faster. From what to do if your encountering problems setting up a new device or need help with a slow connection. 


If you can’t find your problem, please contact us by raising a ticket or by calling 0800 6 102 109