Home Broadband Ultimate Order

Our Ultimate Broadband is available to limited parts of our network. No payment needed at this stage, just 6 easy questions and we’ll get back to you with an estimated speed.

If its looking good, we’ll process your order and book you an appointment for an on-site survey and installation. If however the estimated speeds are not achieved upon installation, we’ll cancel the order and refund any installation money paid. 

You’ll need to begin

  • A location for a rooftop dish (Homeowner or with landlord permission)
  • A power socket available (We’ll only need one – Our wifi hub and dish are low powered)   
  • Be 18 years of age or older and have the ability to agree to an 18 month contract. 
  • Be able to pay by Direct Debit, Bank transfer or Credit or Debit Card. 

Please call 0800 6 102109 if you need any advice, have any questions or help ordering. 



    • up to 300Mbps Download Speed
      (Typical peak time speeds 238.2 Mbps)
    • up to 30Mbps Upload Speed
      (Typical peak time speeds 25.5 Mbps)
    • Unlimited Usage
      (All day – All Night – All Week)

    £50 a month

    Our Ordering Process
    Step 1:
    Ordering & Survey
    Step 2: Confirm Order & Payment 
    Step 3: Book in Installation
    Step 4: Install & Enjoy Faster Broadband!


    Small Print
    An 18 month contract applies upon an successful installation where speeds were accepted by you and an early termination fee is applicable to any cancellations within this time frame. You are able to leave at any time and for free of charge if we raise our pricing, for any reason the contract is void or when the minimum term surpasses. An early termination fee is equal to the remaining service fee left on the minimum term contract. This is due to the levels of investment we made in order to connect you to our systems. For full terms and conditions, please click here