Home WiFi Optimisation

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Slow internet access around the home?

Any Provider – Any Broadband Service – Any UK Home
We can help fix WiFi slow spots and help extend your WiFi where you need it the most. Whether you just want to browse the internet from a tablet in the Garden or your internet slows down when you go upstairs. We have a solution to fix your home WiFi and secure it so your better protected. Read on for more details.  

Home WiFi Checkup

Resolve any WiFi issues around the home to get the best speeds. Get help setting up new devices and making sure everything is secure.

From £30 One Off Fee

WiFi Extender

Extend your wireless signal into areas where wireless signal suffers. We can use the right frequency for your home giving you the best performance.

From £50 One Off Fee

Garden WiFi

Repeat your home wireless across your garden and use your devices outside, connect wireless CCTV and other Internet of Things devices.

From £75 One Off Fee

Wireless CCTV

Watch live footage and see motion sensor activated recordings from around your home from anywhere with a Smart Phone App. 

From £130 One Off Fee


What to expect

Initial Survey

From the first point of contact, we’ll assess what is needed and providea free, no obligation quotation. 

WiFi Checkup

When we visit, we’ll provide a WiFi Checkup, including a heatmap if required to show where WiFi is hampered.

Installing Solutions

We can install hardware to extend, secure and enhance your home network giving you better in home coverage.

Internet Security

We can lock down your internet and keep your data secure. We can also advise on security for all devices. 

UK Coverage

We operate from Bridgwater, Somerset near the M5, over 100 mile distance may incur additional fee. 

Get started – Contact us today for a free quotation – Please call 0800 6 102 109 or email us – Click Here