Network Security

Fixed Wireless Broadband

The Essentials

It’s very likely that an unprotected device on the open internet will obtain malware within 30 minutes, this includes ‘safe’ surfing on websites you trust.

This happens because adverts can contain malicious payloads within the images or video. Sometimes free to use tools & templates are free because of what they come pre-packaged with, typically malware and trojans. Even emails can contain dangerous tracking pixels and virus laced links and attachments. 

Anti-Virus & Internet Security

Even the free anti-virus services provide essential protection from these threats. Downloading and installing one of these takes seconds and if you want a more comprehensive protection solution, we have access to discounts from the leading providers. 

Hardware Firewalling

If network security is of paramount concern, we can provide entry-level or enterprise-level firewall solutions that actively monitors your connection to the outside web, notifying our team on any advisories, threats or intrusions. 

VPN Tunnelling

Creating virtual private connections is easy with WestWiFi by connecting one device to another via the internet. This approach maintains security using IPSEC & lowers costs when compared to MPLS alternatives. 

Where We Cover?

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Small Print
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