Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Our home phone service is designed around you with two choices for incoming calls only or our premium service with 2000 minutes a month. With a powerful control panel, voicemail and loads of features. 

Our premium service has a follow me feature which directs calls to your mobile if your not at home or your broadband is offline so you never miss a call. 

We supply an adaptor to convert your existing phone into an internet phone and provide a second number if your self employed. All this without a landline.

Value Phone

From £10 a month
Perfect for a home phone replacement, we can port your existing number over too.

  • Incoming Calls
  • 1571 Voicemail
  • Smart Control Panel

Premium Phone

From £20 a month
Take your home phone with you, Redirect calls to your mobile when your not home. 

  • Same as value
  • 2000 UK landline & mobile minutes
  • Redirect to Mobile

Business Phone

From £30 a month
Connect multiple employees to multiple numbers with a PBX switchboard.

  • Same as Premium
  • Multiple Numbers
  • Call Centre Wallboard
Business Call Centre Solution

We can setup multiple management, supervisor and agent accounts with multiple lines in and out. We can supply a wide range of numbers and all the common switchboard features such as: 

  • Queue Management
  • Interactive Voice Menu
  • On-Hold Music
  • Conference Calls
  • SMS Text Messaging 
  • Call Recording + More

We use wireless technology to connect your location to our mast site with the capacity for 1000’s of calls without the need for multiple landlines. With installation pricing from just £75 for a small, discrete rooftop dish and professional engineer installation. 

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