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One off fee – Pre-Order Standard Installation 
This payment will pay for a standard installation with a rooftop dish, wireless router, 8m of cabling and professional installation. Fully refundable in the event we are unable to provide you superfast broadband.

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This payment is for pre-ordering a standard installation on a up and coming fixed wireless deployment. This will include everything needed to get online once its ready to install and helps us fund the initial deployment. Typically, once pre-registration reaches a threshold, our team will plan and design your new local broadband network. When pre-ordering opens, we’re building your new network. The next stage is go-live with the first few customers getting installed.

What will this payment be used for?
It will pay for rooftop dishes, cabling and wireless routers and contribute into the overall deployment costs. This is fully protected and fully refundable in the event it’s taking too long or we’re unable to provide you the expected service upon installation.

How long will it take to install and be ready to use? 
This will depend on how well the deployment is going, typically around 4 weeks after pre-ordering opens and within 6 months in the worst case scenario. Once the deployment goes live, we’ll contact you to book in the installation. If we need to use more cabling, this will be charged at £2 per meter and we can install optional extras like a in-house mesh network.

Why will it be refunded? 
If you any reason we are unable to provide you with the broadband service you were expecting upon installation, you can refuse the service and we will refund the payment in full. If we complete the installation, this fee become non-refundable and your minimum term contract will commence.

What happens now? 
Once you’ve paid, we will keep you updated and provide a drive by survey including aerial/drone surveying to determine the best location for our rooftop dish.  Due to COVID 19 precautions, we wont be entering any premise during surveying.