We’re designing a disaster recovery solution for your data, giving you the very best chance at business continuation. Your business may already have a plan in place, either by taking local backups or remotely synchronising your local data with a cloud service as a minimum. 

Without access to your data, could your business continue to operate? You may think its all covered with the solutions mentioned, however what happens if you loose the local copy or discover it might take a days to download the data from the cloud?

It’s time to think of a better solution, Introducing the WANAS – Wide Area Network Attached Storage. 

When planning our WANAS project, we wanted something to compliment existing solutions, providing maximum assurances your data, making it secure and always available whenever you need it. 

Like local storage solutions, it appears as a network attached drive connected at either 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps – totally private and encrypted. Unlike local storage devices, its separate from your location, away from devastating thefts, fires or floods. It’s also protected with backup power, fire suppressant and physical security. Your data will be secure, just miles away from your office.

Like cloud storage, it just synchronises your local data with the storage array, mirroring data in real-time. Unlike cloud providers, we won’t throttle your downloads when you need to restore your data or charge you extra for faster speeds. We can even provide backed up data on a hard disk or SSD – delivered to your door. 

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