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We provide a support team who love to help and put things right when they go wrong. The first point of call is our service status page providing real-time information on known problems. We provide an online ticketing service to report issues and if you’re unable to access, we have a freephone helpline to report issues. We’ve got you covered!

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No, We use radio signals rather than wires. This means it’s cheaper, faster and easier to set up and we’re able to provide better than copper speeds. We install a rooftop aerial just like satellite TV, just a lot smaller. 

If you live or work in Highbridge, Bridgwater, Taunton or Watchet, it’s likely your within our coverage area. If not, we’re growing every day, driven by our customer demand – Click here to pre-register.

We can typically install your new broadband connection within just a number of days if you live or work inside our coverage area. 

Our customers typically download at between 30 – 50 Mbps and upload at 15 – 20 Mbps. 

Yes, typically we have under 20ms latency, plenty for gaming. 

Yes, your roof-top aerial must see our base station in order to get a reliable connection. Our installations will ensure this before we commission the connection and go live. 

As wireless technology becomes popular, the band B frequency range we use can become congested, degrading speeds. We can fine tune this to fine clear space, or we can upgrade and purchase a band C licence, which provides a near perfect band for better reliability and speeds. 

Get in touch with our support team, we can run some tests and make the relevant changes to our local network to increase performance.

No, Our network uses a Carrier NAT system which shares an IPv4 address with a small group of customers. Some applications may not work.

We can move your dish to regain line of sight, we can also repeat the signal on from a neighbour  where available. Please contact us.