WiFi My Street, Please!

We understand how frustrating it is surfing the internet with a slow connection and the lack of choice between providers all using the same copper landline. We developed WestWiFi to solve this problem and rise above the need for a landline and its become popular. 

We’re ploughing everything we have into getting homes and businesses without any superfast options connection with a superfast option. All we need is a demand list to give us an idea where it’s needed the most. 

Pre-Registration – Your Details

    1. Your details will be sent to our team, who will check the availability and get back to you. We’ll then keep you updated and will inform you when deployment begins. 

    2. Your details are secure, We will never sell, give away or share your details with anyone, business or organisation. We are registered and comply with the Information Commissioners Office (Reg: ZA774588)

    3. No Payment Needed Now

    No two areas have the same deployment costs, so to make it work, each area will have its own threshold point. This means we’ll need so many pre-registrations before we install. Typically, this is just 10 pre-registrations. Some areas many require more. We’ll keep you upgraded through email. 

    Once its been passed, our planning team will swing into action and get a viable solution in place, then our engineers will get things setup and you connected. Payment will be needed upon ordering and setting up the installation appointment. 

    Working to deliver

    Superfast Rural Wireless Broadband

    Our sister company, WestNetworks Innovations Limited is the workforce behind our network providing around the clock support and deploying and acquiring new networks to facilitate faster, more reliable broadband for the West Country. 

    By branching off, we’re able to wholesale our network to other providers adding competition and accelerating our roll out with increased operational revenues. If you would like to find out more, please click here