WiFi My Street, Please!

We understand how frustrating it is surfing the internet with a slow connection and the lack of choice between providers all using the same copper landline. We developed WestWiFi to solve this problem and rise above the need for a landline and its become popular. 

We’re reinvesting our profits as fast as they come in and setup a demand driven deployment plan to connect as many homes and businesses as we can. To pre-register to secure your place on your local deployment, please fill out this form. 

No payment is needed at this stage and all data you provide will be handled with the strict care and protection.

We will never sell or share your information and we only use this data to assess demand in your local area, pin point the best network builds and communicate any updates we have. 

Sharing this page with your neighbours increases the likelihood of a faster deployment. We typically need just 7* people to deploy our services. * Depending on location and infrastructure.