Data Backup

Fixed Wireless Broadband

Storage Disaster Recovery

Whether you have thought about data protection or not, We have a solution that fits. Many businesses will have a backup solution in place already to protect from localised events. Some may also have cloud backup solutions already for off-site protection, however there are drawbacks. 

Many are on-site reproduction, such as USB or External drive, Ideal for – Virus or Ransomware attacks & Hardware Failure. Not so ideal for Theft, Fire or Flood. Even if you have a cloud solution already, retrieval speeds may surprise you, not in a good way. 

What can we provide?

We can provide a remote network storage device, which shows up as a hard drive on your devices, so you can use it as your main storage, overflow or backup solution. This is located at the local point of presence to you – connected using a dedicated 100Mbps or 1Gbps network link.

This protects from localised such as virus, ransomware, hardware, theft, fire and flood risks. It’s backed up overnight to a London based server for full redundancy. 

Disasters strikes at any time

Are you Ready?

As part of any business planning, the critical What If question has to be raised. Such instances like 

What if a fire destroy’s the office overnight?
Is the backup solution on-site? Will it be destroyed?

What if a cloud solution is being used, how many GB will be needed for retrieval to continue trading?
How long will the download take? Some cloud services are based in the EU, US & other locations worldwide and may result in sluggish downloads and raises the question – is your data safe?

What if there is a major flood and the telecoms are affected?
So the office has flooded and there’s no internet in the town. Most businesses would struggle to continue. Our services would be protected and available for retrieval immediately. 


We use a Point 2 Point wireless network using
an encrypted connection to join a network
area storage device at our PoP to your local area
network, giving you an always available remote hardware. 


  • Up to 1 Gbps Transfer Capacity – Ultrafast file retrieval. 
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply – Power Cut Proof
  • Flood & Fire Protection using automatic waterless fire suppression
  • Theft Detection and Deterrence using CCTV and anti-tamper alarms
  • Fully Encrypted Data & Connections
  • Shadow backup to London every night
  • VPN options & compatibilities


We can provide a full security audit and consultation service
Please get in touch for more information.




Enhanced Security

We can provide full VPN tunnelling to enable private and restricted VLAN access increasing your network security. We’ll manage the hardware for you in required. 

Space Required

We can provide ‘off the shelf’ 100GB, 1TB or 10TB units with either 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps connections. 

Depending on the requirement, we can build custom racks with petabyte storage capabilities. Get in touch for more information 0800 6 102 109 or email team@westwifi.co.uk 

Small Print
Subject to availability, fraud check and credit control. Levels of security and protection will vary with each solution. Full terms available here.